Bloody Flail
  • Bloody Flail (edit): The Thrasher strikes an enemy multiple times in a row. On all but the last strike, Bloody Flail deals either 1 Strength or 1 Armor damage, with equal probability (50%). On the final strike, things are more random: he has a 34% chance of doing 1 Strength damage (+1 per adjacent ally, max. +3); a 33% chance of doing 1 Armor damage (+1 per adjacent ally, max. +3); and a 33% chance of missing entirely! In overall, the outcome of the Bloody Flail is random and thus completely independent of the units' Strength-Armor difference.

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Thrasher's Bloody Flail strikes {4,5,6} times, respectively. The probabilities and damage per hit is the same for all Ranks.
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