Rain of Arrows
  • Rain of Arrows (edit): The Skystriker targets a single unoccupied tile in range of 1-5 (i.e., including adjacent tiles) and fires mystical arrow(s) into the air, trapping the selected tile. The unfortunate enemy who ventures into the trapped tile will receive Strength attack(s) from the Skystriker, based on the her Strength at the time the trap is triggered. Furthermore, the enemy will be forced to unceremoniously end his/her turn. When triggered, the arrow-trap has a 100% chance to hit, does a minimum of 1 Strength damage and works in conjunction with Puncture (if the Skystriker did not move before setting the trap). The trapped tile is clearly marked on your tile grid, but invisible to the opponent. If not triggered earlier, the mystical arrow(s) will fall to the ground upon the Skystriker's next turn or upon her demise; even though allies cannot trigger the trap, it may strike them in this way.

    At Rank-{1,2,3}, the Rain of Arrows consists of {1,2,3} arrows that consecutively hit the target. The Strength damage of the {1st,2nd,3rd} arrow receives a bonus of {0,+1,+2}, respectively. So, the minimum Strength damage of the Rank-{1,2,3} Rain of Arrows is {1,3,6}, respectively.

Example. If the Skystriker stands still while placing Rain of Arrows, she can still do Puncture damage. So, a varl with 5-Armor (started with 11-Armor) who steps into such a trap, will face the the Skystriker's Strength damage (at the moment the trap is triggered) with an effective +3 bonus. So, if the Skystriker is at 6-Strength when the trap is triggered, the damage inflicted on the varl is (6+3)-5=4. Beware: the same damage will be inflicted if the varl is allied to the Skystriker and is unfortunate enough to be standing on the trapped tile when she's killed!

Complicated example. A Strongarm of 15-Strength and 5-Armor (started with 15-Armor) triggers a Rank-3 Rain of Arrows set by a Skystriker (currently at 4-Strength) while standing still. The Puncture adds a +5 bonus to the effective Strength of the Skystriker attack, dealing a damage of (4+5)-5=4, with each of the three arrows. Furthermore, the {1st,2nd,3rd} arrow gets a {0,+1,+2} bonus to the base-damage. The final damage inflicted is (4+0)+(4+1)+(4+2)=15, killing the Strongarm.

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