• Tempest (edit): The Warhawk swings his massive sword in a wide arc, striking multiple adjacent units in a single attack. Tempest is a normal Strength attack with a 100% chance to hit (effectively bypassing Strength-Armor differnce), for every unit stricken. Starting from the selected enemy, the next-clockwise unit(s) is (are) hit. Targeted units need not be adjacent (e.g. can be at opposite sides of the Warhawk), but, beware: Tempest will also strike allies being next-clockwise in its swing-path! To avoid harming your allies, before you confirm the action, targets to be hit are highlighted with the purple-filled tiles.

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Tempest hits {2,3,4} units, respectively.

Example. Even at 1 Strength, a Tempest swing against two adjacent enemies will do 2 Strength damage to each (100% chance), thanks to the Warhawk's passive, Heavy Impact.

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