To make a new one, enter a name for it in the box below. You'll be given a template to work off of, and the URL will be automatically assigned.

Pictures. To choose pictures for each unit set the pic parameter to one of the following: pg0 pg1 pg2 vs0 vs1 vs2. E.g.,

| pic = vs2

PG is for the image seen in the Proving Grounds grid; and VS is for the image seen in the matchmaker. The numbers correspond to the color variations. The default (when there is no line with "pic=" in it) is vs0.

Classes with spaces. If your character's class has a space in it, you have two options. For a Siege Archer, for example, either use

| unit_pure=siege-srcher
| unit = Siege Archer


| unit = Siege-Archer

In the latter case, a dash will show up in the link to the class.

Copying elsewhere on the wiki. To copy your build to another page, suppose your build is #99 (as seen in the URL after you save your build). Then you should start a line on the other page with

[[include build:99]]

This step is demonstrated on some profile pages; look at their source code with the "source" tab.

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