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Strategy gaming courtesy and concepts


gl Good luck
hf Have fun
gg Good game
wp Well played
MM Matchmaker
MP Multiplayer
RNG Random-number generator
SP Single-player

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Factions is a multiplayer (MP) game, as opposed to a single-player (SP) game. At its core are matches of two or more players. Standard matches are found through the game's matchmaker (MM) Like most strategy games, it involves units with stats taking turns. The stats can be set (or specced) and changed (or respecced). Units have passive abilities which are in effect throughout a match; and active abilities, which can only be activated on the unit's turn. Like most computer strategy games, there is an element of randomness, often referred to using the term "RNG," shorthand for the hardware and software involved in simulating random outcomes.

Describing builds

The composition of your viking 6-viking team is called a "build".

To describe the composition of some builds, it is common to use "x" to indicate multiples, e.g., RMx4 WMx2
To include information about turn order, line 'em up with abbreviations, e.g., RM WM RM RM RM WM
To refer to each units rank, use r0 r1 r2 r3, with r0 being the base-class
To visualize your build, you can use davemo's build calculator.

Unique terms and abbreviations

Any terms that have a unique meaning in the context of the game should be here. Classes an abilities are not defined here unless they co-opt a common word in an unexpected way (like puncture).

Arm Armor, a unit attribute
AB Armor break, a unit attribute.
afk away from keyboard. To be avoided during combat!
Base class Rank-zero classes which serve as a “base” for several promoted classes.
BB Backbiter, a unit type
BlF Bloody Flail, an ability
BM Bowmaster, a unit type
BoP Bird of Prey, an ability
Break verb, noun. Refers to Armor break
BtP Bring the Pain, an ability
BtR Battering Ram, an ability
buff verb. To make stronger (opposite of "nerf")
Echo damage Damage from Heavy Impact and Sundering Impact.
Elo The ranking-unit in the Hall of Valor
Ex/Ext Exertion, a unit attribute
FA Forge Ahead, an ability
Factions The multiplayer part.
Health Health is not a stat in this game. See Strength.
HI Heavy Impact, an ability
Hobble verb, to negate a unit's special ability or specialized task, similar to "Maim"
HoV Hall of Valor, a building in Strand where player performance is recorded
Initiative Acting turn order of your (and your enemy's) units
Level Rank, for those who have forgotten its actual name.
Maim verb, to leave a unit with close-to-zero Strength
Master class Classes with names ending in "-master," one for each base class.
nerf verb. To make weaker (opposite of "buff")
OP Overpowered. Describes an unequal situation
Overkill verb, noun. Reducing a unit's Strength way below zero
P Provoker, a unit type
p6, etc. Team power level of 6, etc. 
PG Proving Grounds, a building in Strand where you prepare your warband
PK Provoker, a unit type
Power Sum of the Ranks of the units composing a build
Puncture Puncture, an ability
Rank Measures the proficiency ("level") of active unit abilities
Rankings A means of characterizing the players' performance in the game
Renown The currency-unit in Strand
RM Raidmaster, a unit type
RoA Rain of Arrows, an ability
RT Run Through, an ability
RtF Return the Favor, an ability
RTh Run Through, an ability
SA Siege-Archer, a unit type
The Saga Refers to the single-player game, distinguishing from the Factions 
SB Shieldbangers and promoted classes.
SI Sundering Impact, an ability
SnB Slag and Burn, an ability
SRM Strongarm, a unit type
Skyseeker Skystriker, for those who've forgotten her actual name.
Spin Attack Tempest, for those who've forgotten its actual name.
SS Skystriker, a unit type
Str Strength, a unit attribute
SW Stone Wall, an ability
Taunt Malice, for those who've forgotten its actual name.
TBS "The Banner Saga" franchise
TBS:F Factions, the multiplayer part of TBS.
Team power See "Power"
TH Thrasher, a unit type
TP Tempest, an ability
Trasher Name used by those who want to trash the Thrasher.
TS Thrasher, a unit type
Turn Advantage Having less units alive than your enemy (before Pillage-mode)
Whirlwind Tempest, for those who've forgotten its actual name.
WH Warhawk, a unit type
WL Warleader, a unit type
WM Warmaster, a unit type
WP Willpower, a unit attribute
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