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Access the in-game tutorials via the banner button
in the upper right of Strand; also copiedext-icon.png onlineext-icon.png

This section is for information beyond straight facts about the game (strategic advice, etc.).

Official Guides

  1. Your Guide to Strand (upgrading characters and building a team)ext-icon.png
  2. General Guide to Combatext-icon.png
  3. Special Game Mechanics: Pillage! and The Hornext-icon.png
  4. Your Guide to Unitsext-icon.png
  5. In-game (see image at right).

Community Guides and Video Streams

Support issues

Strategy stuff on the wiki
You can make pages in this category to pool strategic advice. Go here to see existing pages and create a new topic, if so inclined. All topics will show up in the box below.

How to make a guide on the wiki over several pages

Tactics and Strategy

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