Maim or Kill?

Fill this in however you want. I thought of lists:

Reasons to maim

  • Gain turn advantage
  • Block the way of your opponent's unit

Reasons to kill

  • Get WP on the Horn
  • Get them out of the way of your unit
  • Eliminate a hazard (RoA or SnB)
  • Move up an archer's initiative so her hazard disappears sooner

Reasons to kill your own unit

  • Avoid a turn disadvantage
  • Get them out of the way of your unit

Maiming vs Hobbling

Maiming specifically refers to reducing a unit's Strength to near-zero, where its damage potential is minimal. Special abilities can render some units "unmaimable", in the sense that they deal damage ignoring the ARM/STR rule, i.e., at 100% chance-to-hit. Some examples include:

  • Thrasher's Bloody Flail — does aggregate (ARM+STR) damage of 3-6 at Rank-1.
  • Siege-Archer's Slag-and-Burn — does 1STR+1ARM damage at Rank-1.
  • Warmaster's Sundering Impact — does at least 2STR+1ARM damage.
  • Bowmaster's Bird of Prey — does at least 1STR damage.

Hobbling is a broader term that refers to negating the effectiveness of a unit's ability or its main role. In most cases hobbling and maiming degenerate to the same meaning. Some examples:

  • Maiming an archer hobbles her, because it drastically reduces Puncture's effectiveness.
  • Destroying all the armor of a Provoker hobbles him, because Malicing a high-STR enemy can potentially kill him.
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