I. Introduction


At first, twas not but a rag, a piece of cloth hardly fit for a flag. But as the days grew on and the battles raged, and memories ingrained, it became a banner…a memory of heroes present and past…The Banner Saga.

Hello aspiring viking! If you're reading this then you're in The Banner Saga beta or interested in the game and want to get a head start. A note of caution: this is the first time I've ever written a guide, so do be generous with my rambling. Some of these things will hopefully help you get started and let you wreak havoc on the battlefield! The game is still developing and I too have started not much earlier than you have, so let's learn together!

P.S. I really do apologize to newcomers, just reading may confuse you, so I really do suggest you play at least 1 or 2 matches in conjunction to reading this :).

A. Some Beginner Help

After you load the game, you will find yourself in the city of Strand, your home base. You'll see two buttons, one on the lower right, and one on the upper right. The lower right button will show you a beginner's FAQ that will give you basic information you need to play the game. The top right button will display the labels for buildings (which act as menu buttons).

The Proving Ground is where you pick units to form your team and where you can distribute "RENOWN" as status points for your units. (I'll get to more on this later in section III). RENOWN is like experience you earn for defeating the characters/units of other players. (1 per ‘kill’). Head here to improve stats before looking for a fight!

The Great Hall is where you can look for opponents to play against.

The Mead hall is where you can hire units.

Later on, the Weavers Hut will have everything banner related, so you can make custom banners.

The game also has a global chat lobby while in Strand, so send out a message if you need any help or have any questions. You can access this global chat while in a battle by typing “/g”

Ex. “/g hello guys!”

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