Turn Advantage

If, before Pillage, your surviving units are on average stronger but less numerous than your opponent's, you have turn advantage. Your turns can be used more productively than your opponents because your strong units can take action more frequently.

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When is turn advantage a misnomer?

  • Suppose you shove a unit onto some burning slag. When you are at a turn "disadvantage," you can make the unit get hit by those coals twice (once upon landing and again at the start of his or her turn). While this is possible without a turn disadvantage, it makes it easier.
  • Similarly, a Rain of Arrows will last longer when you're at a turn disadvantage.

One person's thoughts

I say "bah" to turn advantage.

Another person's thoughts

I say "yea" to turn advantage.

Turn advantage with a full-strength archer can make a huge difference. The Skystriker and Provoker get to act twice before the only umaimed enemy, the Warhawk, can have his way with them.
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