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Several maps are also buildings in Strand!

These battle maps are approximately 16x16 in tile-size, with some being narrower or shorter. Some tiles are inaccessible being blocked by posts, tables, pillars etc. Click on the thumbnail-insets (top-right-corner of each bird's-eye-view of the maps) for a magnified top-view of each battle-map. The deployment zones for the two players are marked with the red and blue tiles. The player that deploys on top (NW or NE) always gets the first action.

The Great Hall

Notorious for the burning-coal pit and the polar bear dancer!


The Beach

Many a varl have struggled, jumbled between its four posts…


The Mead House

With the tables pushed aside, huge mead-barrels await the victors of the viking brawl!


The Proving Grounds

Fight well. Your prowess in battle is closely monitored, in this breezy hill-top of Strand.


The Wall

This was the very first map in the beta of The Banner Saga: Factions. There are no obstacles or hazards in this map.

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