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Renown is your personal currency in The Banner Saga: Factions. Learning how to gain and spend Renown effectively is essential to building a skilled team of vikings. While feats of battle are the primary means of building Renown, it can also be acquired by trading for other currencies in the marketplace.

Your reputation and relationship with the governor of Strand grant you 130 Renown when you arrive, 100 of which you have spent on hiring a Thrasher.

Gaining Renown in battle

Breakdown of Renown earned from a difficult battle
A one-time achievement gives a 5 Renown bounus
Total Renown rewarded after a battle

In every ranked battle, you will be rewarded for prowess in…
  • Kills — Every kill your team inflicts upon the enemy grants you a point of Renown, for a maximum of 6 points per battle.
  • Win Bonus — You gain 5 points of Renown for victory.
  • Win Streak — You gain extra Renown if you are on a streak of wins.
  • Expert Bonus — If you are using the expert timer, you gain an additional 2 Renown.
  • Daily Streak — You gain an extra point of Renown every time you fight a battle, up to a number of battles per day equal to your login streak.
  • Underdog Bonus — For every point that the enemy-team's power outranks yours, you gain an extra point of Renown.

There is no such thing as negative renown or renown-penalty.

The total reward acquired after a battle includes one-time rewards of +5 Renown for each significant achievement made in battle, as well as +5 Renown for warbands with an active public relations department (Rally Boost).

In tournament matches, in addition to the rewards above, coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place yields 200, 100, or 50 Renown, respectively. Friend matches are unranked and so do not yield the usual rewards. However, some achievements are only available through ranked matches.

Spending Renown

There are several ways to spend your hard-earned Renown. Unless otherwise stated, all expenditures occur in the Proving Grounds.

  • Hiring Units
    In the Mead Hall, you can recruit units to expand your warband. Currently, only base-class (Rank-0) units can be recruited, i.e., Raiders, Archers, Warriors and Shieldbangers. It currently costs {10, 25, 100} Renown to recruit any Rank-0 unit with {0, 5, 30} kills, respectively. The Rank-0 units with the {5 , 30} kills are referred to as {Experienced, Veteran}, respectively, and come ready for promotion to higher Ranks.
  • Promoting
    Promotion Rank-{0$\rightarrow$1 , 1$\rightarrow$2 , 2$\rightarrow$3} currently costs {20, 80, 160} Renown and needs a unit with {5, 15, 30} kills, respectively.
  • Unlocking Color Variations
    For 90 Renown, you can unlock a new attire for one promoted-class character (not re-usable on other characters of the same class). This variation is available at no Renown cost if bought in-bulk in the Marketplace.
  • Renaming
    For 10 Renown, you may change a character's name.
  • Expanding Barracks
    For 60 Renown, you may expand your barracks, making room for nine more characters in your warband.
  • Entering a Tournament
    For 20 Renown, any can enter the active tournament in the Great Hall.
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