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-- Rankings

"The pot" analogy http://www.bettingexpert.com/blog/applying-elo-ratings-to-football-part-one

Table with current parameters: K = 32, whatever else

-- Matches

Several renown rewards are distributed after a match. Most of them are not available in friend matches. See Renown for details.

Standard matches

qm vs ranked has two effects: matchmaking search and elo updating

ranked -> must be same power (availabe only at 6, 12)
qm -> search in both dimensions

search diagram with rectangles in elo x pow space

elo updating…
A ranked B ranked -> both updated according to formula in rankings
A ranked B quickmatch -> +/- 2 for A, no effect for B
A quickmatch B quickmatch -> both are unaffected

Tournament matches

pow 12 is standard for now, will be announced beforehand

starts 17:00 GMT Wed, finishes…?

5 new matches allowed at 24-hour intervals, can catch up later

matching same as ranked, using tourney elo

updating tourney elo according to the formula; at the same time, updating global elo (using those ratings)

Friend matches

pick this and that

no elo, only daily login renown

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