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Each base class has a passive ability which is inherited by its promoted classes. These abilities can take a variety of forms. Similarly, the base class determines size, movement range and attack range. Promoted classes are primarily differentiated by their active abilities; see a particular class's page for details. The attribute determining the level of each active ability is the Rank, and ranges from 0 to 3.


Characters have five attributes that may be adjusted before battle. Three of them may be depleted during battle.


The values you set for these determine their initial values and upper limits during battle. Their values during a battle are shown on each character's banner. When a character's Strength is entirely depleted, the character is eliminated from the battle.1

The other two adjustable attributes are constant during battle:

Armor Break

Classes differ in the minimum and maximum values which can be assigned to these five adjustable attributes. The number of points which may be added above the minima is equal to 10 plus the character's level.

The Horn

The Horn. You have 1 star; your opponent 2.

For each enemy killed, a star is added to your Horn (max 5), shown at the top of the screen. These may be allocated on your turn to the active character. Any amount may be allocated at any time during the turn. The stars in your opponent's horn are marked with red on the overhanging pebble.

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