test -- unit portrait grid

List of scratch pages

Trying to create a grid of unit-portraits, like the ability-icon-grid in the units page, using the ListPages module. It could be useful somewhere.

I'm getting that the problem is pre-pending the parent portrait/image. Perhaps if the parent page was somehow, dunno, "tagged" as part of its children too? Or some argument of ListPages that also includes the parent?

For the ability-icon-grid I saw that there were created four "dummy" pages; these hold some minimal code that can however be easily [[include]]d as prependLine argument. I've tried putting that code inside the ListPages prependLine argument, but I think its some property of the table/row that breaks it… Image is bigger, and not url-linked

Well, I'll keep trying.

EDIT#1: I've done some "progress" but I'm not yet satisfied due to the complexity of the code below. I've come to understand that the main problem with ListPages is its inability to order its outputs in a custom (non-standard) way. For instance, I'd like to have all raider sorted alphabetically, but I always want the base-class unit to appear first… No easy way to do this, except writing the code twice (for each class)… I've come down to these two designs: the 1st one is per-column ordered (the hard way), the second is per-row ordered just by name. Any comments?

Design #1 : Each class is in a separate column. Base-class comes first.

Design #2 : Each class is in a separate row. Units are ordered by name in each row.

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