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Strand is the viking city where The Banner Saga: Factions takes place, and it is also the main menu of the game.

Strand is a live city! Can you see the guards on the battlements, the patrol near the gates, the longship taking harbor?

Getting around Strand

This is your mouse-cursor. It's color is azure, like the skylines of Strand.
The labels mark visitable buildings in Strand. Click on them to enter, when highlinghted blue.
The question-mark button toggles the labels in Strand landmarks.
The banner button gives access to the game's introduction and tutorials.
The speech-balloon button toggles the chat-box.
The hammer & anvil button lets you change game settings.

General Navigation

  • The back button Button_Back.png brings you back a step throughout all the menus. For example, Unit View>Proving Grounds>Strand.
  • In most menus and UIs, the question-mark button reveals tooltips explaining the presented features.
  • In the battle UI, the banner button toggles the unit-attribute banners.
  • To send a chat message, press the return-key, type your text and then hit the return-key to send it.


Each of the buildings in Strand has a different function for the game and several of those buildings are also battle maps.

Great Hall

This is where you must come when you are looking for battle! After contests started in the Great Hall, a warband gains Renown for each enemy overcome; don't worry, your fallen characters pick themselves up to fight another day. Refer to the match page for more details on match-types.

Proving Grounds

This is were you come to inspect your units and prepare your warband for battle. A prudent viking spends as much time in the Proving Grounds as in the field of battle. You can:

  • Change your team's composition (called "build") and/or rearrange the units' initiative order (free).
  • Promote a unit with sufficient kills to a higher Rank (costs Renown).
  • Reallocate unit attributes, applicable to units of Rank-1 and above (free).
  • Rename units and/or change their color variations (costs Renown).
  • Expand your barracks to accommodate more recruited units, hired from the Mead Hall (costs Renown).

Mead House

This is were you can hire more characters to expand your warband, provided that you've earned the Renown required to distract their attention from their mead-mugs! You can only hire Rank-0 units of any of the four base-classes, and can choose between units that come with 0, 5 or 30 kills.

Hall of Valor

Your prowess in battle is recorded in the Hall of Valor. Here, you can review your overall performance and pay homage to the mighty champions of Strand. There is a different listing for all-time and current-tournament performance. The statistics recorded are:

  • Overall ranking (Elo rating)
  • Total number of battles
  • Best & current Win-Streak
  • Victory/Defeat ratio


Here's where you can exchange some of your earthly belongings (via your Steam wallet) to:

  • Purchase new color-variations, applied at the Proving Grounds
  • Buy Renown (tsk tsk tsk…)
  • Activate the Rally-Boost (a per-battle Renown bonus, applicable for a specified time-duration)
  • Unlock a pack of Rank-1 units, and immediately dispatch them to your barracks

Closing the Marketplace overlay (via the "X" in the upper corner) puts you back where you were before.

Fire Tower

This is where you come to exit Factions. Click here only if you've proven your mettle in battle!


Some of Strand's building are as yet inaccessible. These include:

  • The Weaver's Hut, where you can design your crests and banners (?).
  • The Trophy Tower, where you can review your achievements (?).
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