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Combat in The Banner Saga: Factions is turn-based, but players have a time limit on their turns. The timer begins as soon as your turn starts, and your turn is over once it runs out; you forfeit any remaining moves, but your character will still complete their current action. Due to latency issues, it may appear that your opponent's unit is taking their action after their timer has already run out.

The time remaining is shown by the circular meter around the active character's portrait - blue when it is your turn and red when it is your opponent's turn. A drum beat sounds when the timer has nearly run out.

Timer adjustment is available for some match types will locked for others.

Default Timer

The default timer is 45 seconds long.

Expert Timer

The expert timer is only 30 seconds long. Players using the expert timer receive an additional 2 Renown for every battle they finish (win or lose) and are ranked higher in matchmaking than players using the default timer. The expert timer may be activated by toggling the small icon in the matchmaking banner.

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