Viewing translations. When a translation is available it is listed as a link at the top of the page after
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Adding new translations. To add a new translation for a page, browse to it and look for instructions at the top. Pages that list other pages, like unit:_list, generally cannot be translated.

Editing translations. Browse to the page, select the relevant language, e.g., [ ru ], and then click the "Edit Translation" link that appears. Alternately, you can find the translated pages here.

Making translations show up here. To add another language to this list, simply create the appropriate page by navigating to it (e.g., browse to /translated:pt and then create the page). It will automatically list the relevant pages and get a link here.

Adding languages. If you want to add the option to select a language that is not already available, just let a site admin know the appropriate two-digit code, and they can add it to /admin:ml-template.

Browse pages that have been translated so far.

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    Pages with Spanish translations
  • Ru
    Pages with Russian translations
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