min max
11 18
7 12
3 9
0 2
1 3
move_range_small.png 3
attack_range_small.png 1
size_bw.png 2x2

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No one doubts the courage of any shieldbanger, however slow and lumbering he may be in motion. Yet the provoker is a special kind of crazy—marching to the front of the lines, he actually *asks* to be hit, smiling as blows glance from his armor, then laughing when his opponent is taken from the rear.


  • Return the Favor (passive) (edit): Each time a Shieldbanger is hit (for either Strength or Armor), he retaliates 1 Armor damage on the attacker. Killing blows on Shieldbangers also trigger Return the Favor.

Example. A Rank-1 Thrasher Bloody Flailing a Shieldbanger will take 3-4 Armor damage (1x3, +1 if the last strike lands home).

Complicated example. A Warhawk whose Tempest swing hits both a Shieldbanger (SB) and an enemy adjacent to the SB, can expect 2 Armor damage retaliated by Return the Favor. The Warhawk's passive ability, Heavy Impact, is the culprit.

  • Malice (edit): The Provoker taunts a nearby enemy. This causes the taunted unit to take any necessary actions in order to do a normal Strength attack on the Provoker, when its next turn is up. For instance, a taunted adjacent archer will move one tile away and attack, while a distantly taunted melee unit will move next to the Provoker and attack. Malice prevents the enemy player from issuing commands to that unit, effectively skipping his/her turn. Beware, a taunted unit may actually kill the Provoker in its rage!

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Provoke may Malice an enemy at a distance of {1 (adjacent),2,3} tiles, respectively.

Notes: A Maliced enemy will not spend willpower in his attempt to move to attack the Provoker; however, he/she will recklessly walk through burning coals. Also, turn-advantage can result in a Provoker taunting multiple enemies, that will each attempt to attack him when their turn comes.

(1) A Provoker in the act of Malicing an enemy Warhawk (2) forcing him into a missed hit-attempt (40%) and a skipped turn.
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