min max
6 12
6 12
4 11
1 3
1 3
move_range_small.png 4
attack_range_small.png 1
size_bw.png 1x1

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Eschewing the agile vulnerability of a backbiter and the undisciplined wrath of a thrasher, raidmasters know that a viking's most important weapon is not his blade, but his shield. This slow-striking discipline can yield great rewards; a raidmaster defends both himself and his shield masterfully until the opportune moment, striking only when his blade can do the most harm.


  • Shield Wall (passive) (edit): When a Raider is adjacent to one or more allies, he both gives and receives a +1 Armor bonus. This bonus increases with each adjacent unit, and can be received from other Raiders at the same time.

    Whenever Shield Wall protects a unit, the damage number on Armor is colored in red to warn attackers. Similarly, the Strength damage number will be red when the potential damage is reduced by Shield Wall (but not when the probability of doing 1 damage is reduced). A unit's Armor cannot be reduced below the total Shield Wall bonus.

Example 1. With three Raiders in a straight line, the central one gets +4 Armor (from two adjacencies) and the others each get +2.
Example 2. A unit with its Armor reduced to zero enters a Shield Wall between two ally raiders, thus receiving a +2 Armor bonus (or +4 if its a Raider). All further Armor-Break attacks on this unit are meaningless yielding zero Armor damage.

  • Stone Wall (edit): Until his next turn, the Raidmaster's shield reduces incoming Strength and Armor damage, separately for every hit taken. Working in conjunction with other Raiders' Shield Wall passive ability, the Raidmaster can survive even the most brutal attacks without a scar!

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Stone Wall reduces Strength and Armor damage by {3,5,7} points, respectively.

Example. A Thrasher, surrounded by three of his allies, is Bloody Flailing a Stone Walled Raidmaster. This reckless attempt of his, has a {34%, 33%, 33%} chance of dealing {1 Strength, 1 Armor, no} damage, respectively.
Example. A 17-Strength Warmaster's Sundering Impact is targeted at a Raidmaster with 11-Armor and a Rank-3 Stone Wall raised. Believe it or not, he will suffer not a scratch!

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