min max
9 16
8 13
3 9
1 2
1 4
move_range_small.png 3
attack_range_small.png 1
size_bw.png 2x2

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Everything shieldbangers are, shieldmasters are double. They take a perverse pleasure in cleaving not flesh but wood, leaving shields and armor in tatters while letting their allies deal with the messy stuff. No one else understands this attitude, but archers in particular are quick to take advantage of their newly unarmored enemies.


  • Return the Favor (passive) (edit): Each time a Shieldbanger is hit (for either Strength or Armor), he retaliates 1 Armor damage on the attacker. Killing blows on Shieldbangers also trigger Return the Favor.

Example. A Rank-1 Thrasher Bloody Flailing a Shieldbanger will take 3-4 Armor damage (1x3, +1 if the last strike lands home).

Complicated example. A Warhawk whose Tempest swing hits both a Shieldbanger (SB) and an enemy adjacent to the SB, can expect 2 Armor damage retaliated by Return the Favor. The Warhawk's passive ability, Heavy Impact, is the culprit.

  • Bring the Pain (edit): The Shieldmaster's Bring the Pain is an improved Armor Break attack that additionally boosts the Return the Favor passive ability, until his next turn.

    At Rank-{1,2,3} Bring the Pain grants {0,+1,+2} to normal Armor Break, while it also adds {+1,+2,+3} to the normal Armor damage retaliated by the Return the Favor passive ability, respectively.
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