Siege Archer
min max
4 9
4 7
6 13
1 3
0 2
move_range_small.png 3
attack_range_small.png 2-5
size_bw.png 1x1

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Most archers are known for their subtlety, a relic, perhaps, of the days when they trained for battle in secret. The siege archer is the exception to this rule. Living by the motto that life's no fun without explosions, these ladies literally light up the battlefield, stripping armor off one target even as they set men and earth ablaze.

As with all archers, the Siege Archer has a range of 2-5 squares for attacks, and 3 squares for movement.


  • Puncture (passive) (edit): If an Archer takes a Strength attack without moving, she gets a temporary Strength bonus for this attack equal to +1 for every 2 Armor her target has lost during the match (rounded down).

    Because it is a passive, Puncture damage is accounted for in the damage numbers displayed on enemies, with green numbers. Puncture is also in effect for the Bowmaster's Bird of Prey and the Skystriker's Rain of Arrows abilities, provided they do not move when using them.

Example. An archer at 7-Strength firing against a 8-Armor Provoker should do 1 Strength damage, with a 90% chance. But, if that Provoker started the match with an Armor of 14, and the Archer is carefully taking her shot (without moving), her effective Strength for this attack will get a +3 boost [=(14-8)/2]. In this example, the Strength damage dealt to the Provoker is 2, with a 100% chance. Now, if the Archer was at 2-Strength, then the +3 Strength bonus from Puncture would just increase the hit-probability from 40% to 70% (to deal 1 Strength damage).

  • Slag and Burn (edit): A Siege Archer targets any tile — occupied or not — in her normal attack range (2-5 tiles). She tosses tosses flammable pitch and then fires a burning arrow into it. The Slang and Burn deals Armor Break damage to the unit occupying the targeted tile, while the subsequent explosion deals 1 Strength damage to any units occupying the target tile and its adjacent ones (effectively hitting a five-tile area, in an "+" shape). Finally, the explosion leaves burning-coals randomly placed only on unoccupied tiles hit by the explosion (with priority on the central tile, when unoccupied) that act as normal hazards until the Siege Archer's next turn (or her demise).

    Unlike standard Archer attacks, this ability targets tiles instead of units, so it is possible to fire on an adjacent Varl. Beware, Slag and Burn will harm ally and enemy units alike!

    At Rank-{1,2,3}, the Slag and Burn deals {1,2,3} Armor damage to the target unit only, and the explosion leaves behind a maximum of {2,3,4} burning-coals, respectively. The Strength damage inflicted on all the units in the five-tile area is constant and equal to 1.
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