min max
7 12
10 16
2 11
0 2
1 2
move_range_small.png 4
attack_range_small.png 1
size_bw.png 2x2

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To a Warhawk, combat is rather simple. Grab a big sword, be stronger than everyone else, swing in circle. The hard part is getting them to the front lines intact—and then making sure they don't accidentally cut any allies in half!


  • Heavy Impact (passive) (edit): A Warrior's Strength attacks do 1 Strength damage to all other enemies adjacent to the one targeted (provided the original attack does not miss). Heavy Impact does not harm allies. Added as an after-effect to the Warhawk's Tempest or the Warmaster's Sundering Impact abilities, Heavy Impact will really wreak havok in the enemy's lines.
  • Tempest (edit): The Warhawk swings his massive sword in a wide arc, striking multiple adjacent units in a single attack. Tempest is a normal Strength attack with a 100% chance to hit (effectively bypassing Strength-Armor differnce), for every unit stricken. Starting from the selected enemy, the next-clockwise unit(s) is (are) hit. Targeted units need not be adjacent (e.g. can be at opposite sides of the Warhawk), but, beware: Tempest will also strike allies being next-clockwise in its swing-path! To avoid harming your allies, before you confirm the action, targets to be hit are highlighted with the purple-filled tiles.

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Tempest hits {2,3,4} units, respectively.

Example. Even at 1 Strength, a Tempest swing against two adjacent enemies will do 2 Strength damage to each (100% chance), thanks to the Warhawk's passive, Heavy Impact.


Illustration: A full health warhawk, about to kill two units and maim a third.

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