min max
6 12
9 15
4 9
1 3
0 4
move_range_small.png 4
attack_range_small.png 1
size_bw.png 2x2

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Warrior varls are rarely known for their smarts, but the warleader is an exception. He loves sitting in the back of a fight, directing troops and giving them the extra oomph to arrive in the best tactical location in time. But don't let their brains fool you—when it comes time to swing steel, warleaders can hold their own with the best.


  • Heavy Impact (passive) (edit): A Warrior's Strength attacks do 1 Strength damage to all other enemies adjacent to the one targeted (provided the original attack does not miss). Heavy Impact does not harm allies. Added as an after-effect to the Warhawk's Tempest or the Warmaster's Sundering Impact abilities, Heavy Impact will really wreak havok in the enemy's lines.
  • Forge Ahead (edit): The Warleader commands a single ally to move next-up in turn order, right after the enemy's next turn. This command activates the targeted ally at your next turn, while permanently changing the team's turn-order. The ally Forged Ahead will continue acting in the altered order for the rest of the match, unless the Warleader further changes the plan. The Warleader's Forge Ahead is unique among the unit abilities, being neither offensive nor defensive.

    At Rank-{1,2,3} the Warleader may Forge Ahead an ally being at {1 (adjacent), 4, any} tile-distance from himself, respectively.

Example. When in Pillage mode, Forge Ahead can provide an extra turn to your side when used on an ally who has already acted.

Illustration: A Warleader uses a Rank-1 Forge Ahead on an ally Warhawk who acted just before him.
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