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Build 1.5.35 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:
Friend Lobby: Fixed inability to chat after depressing Ready button
Sound: Shieldbanger idle shield banging sound fixed
Pillage: When pillage starts, the pillaged unit should always have the next turn
Heavy Impact: In some cases, heavy impact could cause problems when initiating Pillage
Burning Coals: Burning coals only damage a unit once per tile per turn.
Hall of Valor: Selected page defaults to "Over All Ranking" rather than "Best Win Streak"

Added environmental snow to Proving Grounds page
Slag and Burn:

  • Now deals immediate explosive damage and leaves tiles of burning coals behind
  • The immediate damage to the center tile is 1 STR + ARMOR BREAK
  • The 4 adjacent tiles damage 1 STR each
  • Each unit only takes damage once from the explosion. For instance, a Varl overlapping the center tile and 2 adjacent tiles takes only the center damage.
  • The explosion leaves behind 2 tiles of burning coals, on unoccupied tiles only. These act as normal burning coals, and remain for 1 full round.

New Features
Lore/Promotion: Random name button generates new names on the fly
Options: Options menu now present on Stand upper left corner
Fire Tower: Added Quit Game confirmation dialog

  • The tutorial can be tested with the chat command /shell tutorial
  • The tutorial consists of the following steps:
    • Intro Video Part 1
    • A battle against the chieftain and his men
    • Intro Video Part 2
    • Strand
    • Mead House
    • Proving Grounds
    • Promotion
    • Strand
  • The Intro Videos are placeholders. They can be skipped with the ESCAPE key.
  • Please let us know if you find a way to break the flow of the tutorial. It needs to be bulletproof or new players will get frustrated and leave.


  • The Marketplace allows you to purchase renown, upgrades, variations, units, boosts, and other unlockable features. It can be accessed by clicking the Marketplace tents in Strand, or on any of the large Renown banners in the upper right corner of some pages. Currently, the Marketplace is in SANDBOX Mode, meaning that no real money changes hands. You can use the Marketplace freely to purchase things. The Marketplace will remind you of this each time you purchase, by displaying a dialog box. When we switch out of SANDBOX Mode, this dialog will no longer be shown. We will also message this clearly on the boards when the time comes.
  • Items in the Marketplace:
    • Launch Special: 4 Promoted Units, Renown, and a Roster Row
    • Rally Boosts: Bonus renown per battle
    • Renown: Renown purchases in various amounts
    • Variations: Unlock all variations for each advanced class (Raidmaster, etc…)
    • Variations: unlock all variations for each group of advanced classes (Raider, etc…)
  • Since the Marketplace must be absolutely bug free and reliable, and is so critical to our success, we ask you to please test it thoroughly and report any issues you find!


  • You can now choose between 3 different variations per unit. Variations can be chosen during promotion, or via the Lore page in the Proving Grounds. The first of the variations is free. The second variation can be purchased with renown. Once a variation is purchased, you can freely switch to it on that unit at any time. The third variation can be unlocked via the Marketplace. Once a variation is unlocked, you can freely switch to it on all applicable units at any time.

Known Issues:
Mac OSX Steam Overlay only works every other launch of the game
Tutorial tooltip persists in Mead House after tutorial finishes
Purchasing Boost in Marketplace does not display SANDBOX Mode notification

General Notes:
The game always writes log files into $HOME/tbs_logs/. You can access this or email it to us for bug reporting
Toggle fullscreen with CONTROL-SHIFT-F
Toggle performance indicator with CONTROL-SHIFT-P. The number displayed is milliseconds per frame, not FPS

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