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Versus Power for matchmaking:
Unit Power is now equal to their Rank.
Party power is equal to the sum of Ranks. This means a party of all base units has a Power of Zero, and a party of all Rank 1 units has a Power of 6.
Stats no longer have any affect on Party Power for matchmaking considerations
Added new Achievements for Battles, Wins, Unit Kills, Win Streak, and Elo
Achievements are awarded retroactively when you trigger their conditions in battle
Achievements are not yet being pushed to Steam, but have been defined there and will be applied retroactively next week.
Tournaments: Added Weekly Tournaments.
The countdown to Tournament start is shown on the middle banner of the Great Hall.
When the Tournament is active, the Tournament banner shows the countdown to ending.
Once the Tournament starts, you can join the Tournament for 20 Renown.
During the Tournament you can play up to 5 battles per day.
These battles accumulate and roll over to the next day of you don't play them all.
At the end of the Tournament, the top 3 players by Elo ranking are awarded 200, 100, and 50 Renown respectively.
The current Tournament results are shown in the Hall of Valor.
The last page of the Tournament section of the Hall of Valor shows all time wins.
We will be running our first Tourney to test out the system starting Saturday at noon CST and running for 36 hours ending Sunday at midnight CST. In GMT that is starting at 2013/02/23 18:00:00.
Ranking: Ranking Leaderboard now sorts additionally on wins and losses.
Battle: Underdog bonus now awards 1 Renown for every 2 Points of power differential.
Proving Grounds: Prevent dismissing below 6 units in roster
Proving Grounds: Rename unit cost lowered to 10 Renown
Versus: No longer possible to back out of a Match once it has been found

Known Issues:
Elo Achievements don't show up until the battle _after_ you trigger them.

General Notes:
The game always writes log files into $HOME/tbs_logs/. You can access this or email it to us for bug reporting
Toggle fullscreen with CONTROL-SHIFT-F
Toggle performance indicator with CONTROL-SHIFT-P. The number displayed is milliseconds per frame, not FPS
If you crash on startup on Mac OS X, remove the folder "/Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework"

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